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The Cloud is dead

Sonntag, Juli 22nd, 2012

Two days ago there were two german online articles, who said that Microsoft searches for unwanted content on SkyDrive and disables the Live IDs without any warning.

The Microsoft Code of conduct has many rules fot the use of their services: (english) (german)

For public content it is OK. But for my private files that I do not share?

Pictures of your family at the beach? Forbidden! Pictures of Titians Venus of Urbino (1538)? Forbidden! Pictures of Michelangelos David? Forbidden!

„depicts nudity of any sort including full or partial human nudity or nudity in non-human forms such as cartoons, fantasy art or manga.“

Your CDs (MP3…) Better not!

„includes content that is protected by intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or publicity, or any other applicable law unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents.“

Pictures of a party? If you asked each person on the pictures…

My problem is not that it is not allowed to share special content with the whole world. That is OK. But it is also not allowed for my pesonal, private files or files that I share only with specific persons.

But the main topic is, that I am not able to trust a company that scans, analyzes and censors my files. And maybe delete my account. They offers me a disk in the cloud but my files are not safe, because they read them (maybe automatically) as often as they wants to do.

Therefore the cloud is dead and I am not sure at the moment if I will use Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8, because Microsoft will tell me to use the censored cloud.

iOS 5 and WiFi

Freitag, Oktober 14th, 2011

If you iPhone or iPod is not able to connect to your WLAN after the update to iOS 5, you should first check the settings of you WLAN-Router. If you do not broadcast your SSID change this setting.

Apple recommends to disable the hidden network:


Do you know where you are?

Freitag, Juni 17th, 2011

If you do not know where your WLAN router or your Andoid mobile is, just type in the MAC address at the following website and you will know…

I was a little bit shocked and I still did not know if it es good or bad…

“android map exposes the data that Google has been collecting from virtually all Android devices and street view cars, using them essentially as global wardriving machines. You can use this tool to accurately locate virtually any router in the world, as well as position iPhones and Android phones.
When the phone detects any wireless network, encrypted or otherwise, it sends the BSSID (MAC address) of the router along with signal strength, and most importantly, GPS coordinates up to
the mothership.
This page allows you to ping that database and find exactly where any wi-fi router in the world is located. Note that iPhones also send this BSSID and
Cell Tower Information up to Apple, as well.
You can enter any router BSSID/MAC address to locate the exact physical location below, or try the demonstration router by hitting "Probe" below.”


Mango will be released in Fall 2011

Freitag, Juni 3rd, 2011

I think I will still wait until I buy a new mobile …

Windows Phone 7

Donnerstag, Februar 25th, 2010

I think I will like it  🙂