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Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool

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Do you want to install Windows 7 from an USB stick and you do not know how to create such stick?

Then the following tool might be very useful for you



Testing IE 9

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If you are interested in Internet Explorer 9 and if you would like to see some nice demos, visit the Test Drive.


( http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Default.html )


Test of IE 9 – Release Candidate

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The final version of Internet Explorer 9 will be released in March, but I could not wait  Zwinkerndes Smiley 



Outlook shows only “Sample” when using E-mail a link in SharePoint 2010

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If you try to send a link of a document in a doclib, your mail client might open and shows only “Sample” instead of the link.


Maybe you can correct this, when you add “NTLM” to the Enabled Providers of the Windows Authentication of the website that belongs to your Webapplication.




Stardate: 63587.6

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I am back again in the Office…..


New Notebook…

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Today I got my  new notebook in the company. A nice Dell Latitude. I think I will like it very much…. Blue LED  🙂


April Cumulative Update Packages for SharePoint

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I was very disappointed that the service pack 2 includes only the February Update (plus some stsadm-extensions) and not the April update.  And so, some weeks after SP2 the next update was released…


Happy updating…



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In the Office I tested successfully Windows LiveWriter. It is a  cool tool to post something in blogs that are hosted on Microsoft Office Sharepoint. And now the test with my privat blog starts…

New Office

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Since yesterday I am sitting in my new office. It is smaller but cosy….

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