Trying to understand Sway

I only wanted to know how many free space my mailbox has, but I clicked on and was in new world, because many things on this site has to be done with Sway.

I remembered that I saw Sway two years ago and … gave up. But now I wanted to understand this tool. For me Sway seems to be something between Powerpoint and a small content management system. I am not sure if you need an Office 365 subscription, but if you want to find out, go to
You can add cards if you want to add content and organize it in your Sway.
While you are working with the elements and properties of the cards, your Sway grews up and starts to live.
I am not sure, if Sway could replace PowerPoint presenstations in a company. One problem might be, that you can not store your sways on your local drive. You need an internet connection while showing your presentation. On the other side sharing and working together is easy
I will give Sway a chance for one of the next presenstations…
If you would like to see more Sways and tutorials, you can visit

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