I do not need Alexa

I do not know any real reason, why I should have Alexa in my house. At the moment I have two echo dots, because she did not understand me, when I was in the kitchen.

The first day I tested every question that comes in my mind. Sometimes her answer were disappointing, sometimes a surprise and often correct. A few days later I found out that she is very expensive. Not the dots itself, but the things around her. Because answering questions is not a good reason for Alexa, I was searching for an additional job. I bought Phillips Hue… And now she switch on and off some lights in the house. I really fear, that I will replace each light bulb. But first I need a good idea to prevent me from clicking the traditional switch. A sheet of paper with tesa looks not so nice.

Now I am waiting for the standalone Cortana device (because I am still a Windows 10 fan with a Lumia 950XL)



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