Luxury life or just normal?

​Today, in the early morning I left my house and saw, that the light was still on. So, I stood in front of the house and was thinking, if I would like to go back and switch off the lights. After some seconds, I realize that my wireless network is still available and so I use my mobile to control the light – Yes, there is an Windows 10 universal app for Philips Hue running on Windows Phone and Windows Desktop. Not an original, but it is nice too.

I am starting to like the Hue system more and more. I switch on the light when I am still in the bed, so I can go safely into the bath room. Normally I ask Alexa to witch off the lights when I am leaving, but I can still do it in front of the house with the app or over the internet whereever I am on the Philips Hue website. I already know that there a nice workflows in IFTT. Maybe in Microsoft Flow there are some rules for hue too. I will check.

On my way in the office I was dreaming about controling the light in the office with an app on the standard client. Maybe also the temperature, air condition and jalousie. Science fiction? In the new Microsoft in Munich it is reality. Maybe it could be realize at the new campus of my company too…

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