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Where is all the time?

Samstag, Mai 30th, 2015

Wow in 2013 was my last entry… Sometimes I think, that all These social media stuff is too much. Facebook, Twitter, Instagramm, Swarm, Yelp… If you want to follow all these channels there is no time for writing something in  blog.

Today I killed all the SPAM comments and users and before leaving I woud like to send a „ping“ to the internet: So, I am still alive  🙂 and still vegetarian  🙂

The second point – coming and staying a vegetarian was not hard. In the last time appeared many products in the shops.  Therefore you have a lot of Food without an animal inside. The next step is also for me difficult: vegan. I tried it several times for some days. But I always failed, because it is complicated to look every time on the list of the ingredients. So, at the moment I still eat cheese and eggs and sometimes (if the coffee shop do not have Soja milk and I do not like an Espresso at this moment) I also drink milk…