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Sonntag, März 18th, 2012

This cat is absolutely amazing and mysterious

<Windows>+x in your Windows 8 PC?

Freitag, März 16th, 2012

Do you miss the startmenu on the desktop in Windows 8? Maybe <Windows>+x may help you a little bit.

What a morning…

Samstag, März 10th, 2012

An alert at night during the standby support makes me feeling like this in the morning

What a morning

Windows 8 …

Freitag, März 9th, 2012

Maybe an interesting Windows 8 post

“No Access” when try to create an Alert in SharePoint 2010

Donnerstag, März 8th, 2012

If you try to create an alert in a Document Library or on a list, you might get a “No access” message. One possible cause is that you have only permissions (Read, Contribute or Full) on this list/library. In that case you have on the site, where the library is located only “Limited Access”. This is not enough. The alerts are not stored in the list but on the site (SPWeb). Therefore you need access rights on the web.

That is curious…

Dienstag, März 6th, 2012

I do not know… Is this a joke? If yes, I am not amused… … …


Progress bar in Windows 8

Freitag, März 2nd, 2012

Sometimes I think, that developers has too much free time 😉


First to do….

Mittwoch, Februar 8th, 2012

Unfortunately the cappu here in the coffee-shop looks not sooooooo delicious as the cappu on the picture. But I need one ….


Who was Dennis Ritchie?

Montag, Januar 30th, 2012

Never heard this name? I thnin the last time I heard it was 20 years ago when I studied at the Technical University Clausthal. And (nearly) no one takes care about his death only because he did not create „cool“ devices. Is this really fair.

Dennis Ritchie

Snow……. Oh no!

Freitag, Januar 27th, 2012

Now we have winter in northern Germany. It’s not funny. I do not like the cold temperature and the white (and later brown) mud on the streets.

So I am desperately waiting for spring… Please.