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Do you believe in meat?

Sonntag, Juli 15th, 2012

Ok, it happens also to me that I do not think about where my Burger comes from: From a former living creature. But if I think about this, I become thoughful… One one side this is the nature of this planet. Animals eating other animals. My cats will never be vegetarian. But the nature is not such cruel as the human. No lion put antelope into a dark barn, bedevil them and kill them. He hunts no more than he needs. The other antelopes lives free …

I do not think that I will become a vegetarian within the near future. But I do not need meat every week. Maybe once a month… If all people would limits eating meat, this would help a lot to stop intensive mass animal farming.

Meet your Meat (Part 1)  , Meet your Meat (Part 2)

Meet your Meat (German version/deutsche Ausgabe)

Who is the boss?

Mittwoch, April 25th, 2012

If you look into her eyes you know that YOU did something wrong! So, next steps: Check food, check toilet, check toys …


Mondaymorning on Tuesday…

Dienstag, April 10th, 2012

After the long Easter-weekend I am feeling a little bit tired today.



Donnerstag, April 5th, 2012

Googles vision how to integrate It services into the daily life… I like it.



Sonntag, März 18th, 2012

This cat is absolutely amazing and mysterious

What a morning…

Samstag, März 10th, 2012

An alert at night during the standby support makes me feeling like this in the morning

What a morning

First to do….

Mittwoch, Februar 8th, 2012

Unfortunately the cappu here in the coffee-shop looks not sooooooo delicious as the cappu on the picture. But I need one ….


Snow……. Oh no!

Freitag, Januar 27th, 2012

Now we have winter in northern Germany. It’s not funny. I do not like the cold temperature and the white (and later brown) mud on the streets.

So I am desperately waiting for spring… Please.


Donnerstag, Januar 26th, 2012

I woke up in the morning at three o‘ clock. Thank you, Phoebe. She miaowed and clawed at the bedroom door. Hopefully my Panther and her sister will sleep this night a little bit longer…… Please….

No oil, no rights?

Mittwoch, Januar 25th, 2012

Maybe a country need interessting ressources to have a voice. Unfortunately they had not in 1949…