Back from Venice…

Last Monday we arrived in Venice and spent some beautiful days in the city. The weather was sunny and windy (at waterside). So it was hot while walking in the sun and we can cool down in the narrow streets.

The most remarkable difference are the small canals and the bridges with many, many, many stairs… After the second day I felt a little pain in my calves and thighes.


Orientation is also a little bit more difficult than in other cities. It is not ebough to know the direction of your destination. Because often you ends the way in a blind alley and you stand at a canal. Or it looks like a blind alley but at the end of the street is another small alley. Often you are looking for the next bridge… So, if you found a nice little shop, do not try to find it a second time perhaps you will never find it again. Buy or go  😉

And buy a good map. My map had too many streets without names. So, pay attention scale of you map…

Venice must be a gret and wonderful city in the past and partially it is still beautiful. Sometimes you can suspect how impressive the buildings had been. Unfortunately there are also many buildins that need to be renovated. Often you can see that the people started with this task but it will need time and money. Therefore there was scaffolding around the Bridge of Sighs with a large Mont Blanc commercial. But this is OK because it is the only chance to collect the money for this tasks.

It was a short but beautiful trip into an interesting city. I think their is a good chance for a second or third visit in Venice. Not next year. But when some more renovations will be finished…

And if I have to live in Venice, I think I will prefer Giudecca, the island in the south of Venice. It is not so narrow, a little more easeful and you need only some minutes with the ship to the “Piazza San Marco”.

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