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Installing Windows 10 Creators Update

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Last Saturday I installed the new Windows 10 version on my computers at home. The new version (Redstone 2) is 1703 and Microsoft called it „Creators Update“, because they focused on creative people and putting 3D and mixed reality into Windows 10.

The official rollout will start April 11th and the update will be installed automatically some days or weeks later. Because Microsoft does not rollout the update to all devices at once, it depends on your location and model. Maybe you can trigger it by checking manually for new updates.


If you do not want to wait, you can download the update tool from the Microsoft website. Just click on „update now“, download the tool and start it.


The tool will lead you through the update process


I used the Windows10Upgrade program for four PCs. At least it was successfully, but I had some troubles on the way.

My first computer failed installing the update and rolled back to the previous version. Nothing bad happened – I was only a little bit disappointed, because the first computer failed.


I tried some research, but I did not find any hint why it failed. So, I started it a second time and it ended successfully.

My very, very old DELL (It was delivered with Windows Vista) had some problems with network (WLAN) after installing successfully the Creators Update. But finally, it was working. I did not why. I disabled and enabled the adapter, did some reboots…

One of the computers failed to download the binaries. A simple restart of the tool fixed this error.

For such big Microsoft update it was a successful day. If you had some other problems with the update the following article might be helpful.



The update itself has some nice new features, if you are interested in creative work. But from my point of view some very nice features were canceled, e.g. the „My People“-feature. Hopefully it will come with Redstone 3 in autumn.

I miss also the OneDrive placeholders. In the first versions of One Drive you were also able to browse through folders that are not synced with your computer. Files that were only available online had a different icon, so that it was easy to see which files were offline available and which files need an internet connection to work with them.

So, which changes are in Redstone 2?

Paint 3D

You can now create 3D-paintings.

Improvements in Edge

The browser has some nice new features. E.g. a quick view for all pages that are open in your browser.


And you can now install extension for Edge like a Pinterest Save button or Amazon assistant (you find them in the Microsoft store).



The defender security center changed



… and some settings moved from the old control panel into the new windows settings page and many other things were changed or improved.


For my work (private or company) the update has not so many interesting changes. It is nice and you should install it but do not expect too much, if you are not a creator.

Additional information can be found in the Windows blog.





Luxury life or just normal?

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​Today, in the early morning I left my house and saw, that the light was still on. So, I stood in front of the house and was thinking, if I would like to go back and switch off the lights. After some seconds, I realize that my wireless network is still available and so I use my mobile to control the light – Yes, there is an Windows 10 universal app for Philips Hue running on Windows Phone and Windows Desktop. Not an original, but it is nice too.

I am starting to like the Hue system more and more. I switch on the light when I am still in the bed, so I can go safely into the bath room. Normally I ask Alexa to witch off the lights when I am leaving, but I can still do it in front of the house with the app or over the internet whereever I am on the Philips Hue website. I already know that there a nice workflows in IFTT. Maybe in Microsoft Flow there are some rules for hue too. I will check.

On my way in the office I was dreaming about controling the light in the office with an app on the standard client. Maybe also the temperature, air condition and jalousie. Science fiction? In the new Microsoft in Munich it is reality. Maybe it could be realize at the new campus of my company too…


Trying to understand Sway

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I only wanted to know how many free space my mailbox has, but I clicked on Docs.com and was in new world, because many things on this site has to be done with Sway.

I remembered that I saw Sway two years ago and … gave up. But now I wanted to understand this tool. For me Sway seems to be something between Powerpoint and a small content management system. I am not sure if you need an Office 365 subscription, but if you want to find out, go to https://sway.com
You can add cards if you want to add content and organize it in your Sway.
While you are working with the elements and properties of the cards, your Sway grews up and starts to live.
I am not sure, if Sway could replace PowerPoint presenstations in a company. One problem might be, that you can not store your sways on your local drive. You need an internet connection while showing your presentation. On the other side sharing and working together is easy
I will give Sway a chance for one of the next presenstations…
If you would like to see more Sways and tutorials, you can visit https://docs.com/Sway

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